Database of companies in Polish technology parks and incubators

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The main objective of this activity is to undertake actions for activation of academic entrepreneurship through constant monitoring of the condition and structure of the tenants of Science and Technology Parks in Poland with special reference to spin-offs and spin-outs. With the use of a designed database of companies in the Parks, the initiator of the project wants to increase effectiveness of establishing new innovative businesses and conducting knowledge transfer and commercialisation to the so called high-tech spin-offs.

Detailed objectives of the project are:

  1. To create and process detailed information on companies located in the Parks in order to disseminate information on activity of parks and their tenants, academic companies in particular.
  2. To create a regularly updated database allowing for monitoring the condition and changes in the structure of tenant companies in technology parks in Poland.
  3. To disseminate reliable information on academic spin-offs and spin-outs in technology parks and incubators, as well as to identify good practices, limitations of and barriers to development.
  4. To work out and disseminate an annual report on the condition of companies located in Polish Technology parks.
  5. To popularise academic entrepreneurship and modern mechanisms of technology transfer and knowledge commercialisation.

Expected outcomes:

  • Creation of information technology tool for conducting analyses of the condition of companies in technology parks and incubators,
  • Preparation and distribution of two annual reports on the companies in the parks,
  • Creation of a platform for cooperation among the park companies.

The expected actions within the framework are to contribute indirectly to the process of disseminating the idea of entrepreneurship in the academic circles. Publication of the observations made while creating and updating database of the park companies will contribute to growth of the academic circles' interest in such business support institutions as science and technology parks - a natural environment for newly established innovative companies. This activity introduces the academic circles to the opportunities that Parks provide for newly founded companies. This will be favourable to the increase of number of companies started by university graduates and academics.

Source of financing: 2010 – 2012, The Ministry of Science and Higher Education's programme: "Creator of innovation - support for innovative academic entrepreneurship", from 2013 own PBICA sources.

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